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D134465 | Ritesh & Ruchi
   Marriage Date : 03-Apr-2006
Hi people! I am sure there will not be a story like ours. You can call it a little filmy but its very special to us. I had contacted Ritesh in December 2005, and he sent me an email almost immediately. He was in the U.K. and I was in India. He was going to visit India in January 2006. We exchanged a few emails in December 2005. I had a strong 6th sense saying that things would definitely work out between us. We met in January 2006.For 2 weeks he was in India. We met quite often. Somehow my family were opposing it, though his family were very happy. I did try a lot to convince my family but they did'nt agree. Ritesh came back to India in March 2006. That was when we decided to get married. We had our court marriage on the 4th. Neither of our families knew about our marriage. Ritesh was going to leave on the 26th April, hence we told his family about it and they were very happy with it. Till then we arranged for my visa. Without the knowledge of my family I left for the U.K. on the 11th May. Once I was on the flight, Ritesh told my family that we have got married and I am on my way to the U.K. When I reached here, I called them. They were definitely very upset but very surprisingly they accepted it that very day. (We of course did'\nt leave them with much choice). They then called us back to India and we had our wedding reception on the 11th June 2006. We got back on the 14th. Since then everything is fine. So to all you people there looking out for some1 special dont lose hope. There is someone somewhere made for everyone. And its not only arranged marriages that happen here ?it also makes people fall in love. I've experienced it for myself.. All the best to all you people and thanks a lot to 3 cheers to it?..HIP HIP HURRAY HIP HIP HURRAY..HIP HIP HURRAY!!!!!!!!